Welcome to MASSE!

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

Spring 2019

February 10: Intern Panel at 4 p.m. in VH 2351, come speak to Truman MAE students currently interning at real schools around the state.

March 7 (Location TBD 6 p.m.): Class registration help, professor recommendations for ED and STEM classes from upperclassmen, and scholarship info

April 4 (Location TBD 6 p.m.): Elections for next year and NSTA info!


Fall 2018

September 9: Potluck at Brashear Park at 12:30pm. Come enjoy some grilling and bring a side if you can!

October 1: We’ll be meeting in VH 1314 to discuss MAE admission, in- and out-of-state certification, and more!

November 5: Teacher Panel! Come hear from real-life STEM teachers and ask them questions about their practice.


 About MASSE:

Established in the spring of 1996, MASSE seeks to provide STEM education students at Truman with opportunities to build community and access useful resources for their pre-education journey.

The members of MASSE are undergraduate students planning on entering Truman’s MAE program for math or science, and graduate students already in the program. MASSE meets approximately once each month. No dues are collected and everyone is welcome!


View the MASSE constitution here.